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Family Constellations

Basic Principles and Procedures

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Original Title: Das Familienstellen

What helps love to flow freely? What keeps us entangled in the lives and fates of others? What can free us from entanglements? Family constellations can help us to look at these issues and take steps towards a happier and more fulfilled life.<br/>Family members often become entangled in the lives and fates of others in the family system. This book describes this process, how this appears in family constellations, and how it can be resolved. It clarifies the orders of love in the soul that support relationships between partners, parents and children, and others in the family system. It looks at how family constellations can help lay the past to rest and redirect life energy towards the future.<br/>Jakob Robert Schneider calls upon his rich background of experience in this accessible and well-grounded look at family constellations, from the basics to the depths of this work. Constellation leaders at all levels of experience will find support and inspiration in the open and informed discussion. Non-professionals can get an overview and orientation to this approach to family systems. <br/><br/>“This is a completely up-to-date, basic introduction to family constellations that is well structured, concise, and supported by many clear and often touching case examples. It summarises the development, basic principles, focus, attitude, and various procedures of constellations and it does so in a way that is always comprehensible, logical, differentiated, and stimulating. I know of no book that describes the broad scope of family constellations in such a clear, compact, yet comprehensive way.”<br/>Dr. Gunthard Weber

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Jakob Robert Schneider

Jakob Robert Schneider studied philosophy, theology, physical education and pedagogy. He has a private practice for counselling and group therapy, and gives family constellation seminars in Germany and abroad. He is an active member of the International Arbeitsgemeinschaft systemische Lösungen nach Bert Hellinger (IAG) [the international association for family constellation work] and is founding editor of the German journal, Praxis der Systemaufstellung.



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