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Fran Schizzo

How schizophrenia wins and how it fails

1 DVD, ca. 45 Min.
€ 24.95

Fran Schizzo personifies schizophrenia. In this interview with a psychotherapist she answers questions like: “What techniques do you use to put people under your spell?”, “What can friends and relatives do to put you on the defensive?”, and “What kind of ideas and thoughts lead people to want to resist you?”.

Fran Schizzo speaks of medication, of emotions, and how relationships can remain stable in spite of her presence. She even discloses how she can be overcome.

The DVD supports people suffering from schizophrenia in a creative, playful way. Family members can also gain insights into the mechanisms of this illness.

Fran Schizzo can assist in psychotherapeutic work, and can help in hospitals and rehabilitation centers to initiate therapeutic processes. The DVD is also suitable for use as teaching material in schools and in adult education.

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The Institute for Systemic Therapy (IST)

The Institute for Systemic Therapy (IST), founded in Vienna (Austria) in 1989, offers psychotherapy, counseling, and training for psychotherapists.



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