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Images of the Soul

The Workings of the Soul in Shamanic Rituals and Family Constellations

156 Seiten, Paperback, 2. Aufl.
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Daan van Kampenhout and Bert Hellinger had a lengthy and intensive correspondence concerning the relation between shamanism and family constellations. The ideas explored in this correspondence formed the foundations of Images of the Soul, in which the dynamics of Hellinger´s systemic work are carefully described from the viewpoint of traditional shamanism.<br/>The book points out those spiritual principles which lie at the foundation of both shamanic practice and family constellations, and includes many practical tips for people involved in systemic work as participant or trainer. Theoretical explorations are made concrete by examples from sessions with clients and groups, by personal experiences of the author with rituals on Indian reservations in the USA and by anecdotes from his studies with traditional medicine people and shamans.

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Daan van Kampenhout

Daan van Kampenhout, born 1963, studied with traditional shamanic teachers from different cultures. However, the most important teachers have been and continue to be the spirits, who appear in his dreams and during ceremonies. Since 1986 he has been teaching and lecturing internationally on the subject of shamanism. In 1993 he founded the Practice for Shamanism and Ritual. He is the author of three books and many articles about traditional and contemporary shamanic practices. Part of his work, both articles and books, has been translated from the Dutch and published in English, French, Spanish and German.


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