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In My Mind's Eye

Family Constellations in Individual Therapy and Counselling

Aus d. en v. Colleen Beaumont
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Original Title: Wenn ich die Augen schliesse, kann ich dich sehen

“In My Mind's Eye“ is the first book about family constellations in individual therapy and counselling. The procedures presented rest on a broad range of therapeutic knowledge and experience from various psychological methods and approaches. <br/>In the first section, Ursula Franke describes the foundations of her therapeutic work. The second part addresses the inner processes, questions, and decisions leading to interventions, that guide the therapist through the whole process of a constellation. The main focus is on the techniques of constellations in individual therapy, and on constellations in the imagination, which the author has developed over years of experience and observation.

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Ursula Franke-Bryson

Ursula Franke-Bryson, doctorate in clinical psychology (about Family Constellations), state licensed psychotherapist in behaviour therapy, 20 years of private practice in Munich, Germany; former lecturer at the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Psychotherapeutic background: body and behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, Gestalt and short-term therapy, humanistic and alternative methods of healing, work experience as psychologist in a psychiatric clinic. Several publications including DVDs and In my mind's eye, published in five languages. Member of ISCA; recognized trainer for constellations by the German constellators society DGfS; member of the editors board of Praxis der Systemaufstellung, the German systemic constellation magazine. Supervision, workshops and training for therapists together with her husband Thomas Bryson throughout the world. Specialities include constellations in the individual setting, healing of the Interrupted Reaching-out Movement (IROM) and therapeutic integration of systemic therapy, body therapy and Presence. Contact: Institute for Systemic Psychotherapy, Constellation and Counselling



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