Morton Mean


The Institute for Systemic Therapy (IST)
Morton Mean
How depression wins and how it fails
1 DVD, 40 Min.,
ISBN: 978-3-89670-778-9

For many years family constellation work was considered to be a method used in groups. In the meantime there is great demand for this work in an individual setting. What do family constellations in a group with the help of representatives and family constellations in an individual setting using figures have in common? What differentiates them?

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Morton Mean personifies depression. In this interview with a psychotherapist he answers questions like: “How do you manage to influence people?”, “How can people under your influence weaken your power?”, and “What can family members of your victims do in order to support their struggle against you?”

The DVD supports people suffering from depression in a creative, playful way. Family members can also gain insights into the mechanisms of this illness.

Morton Mean can assist in psychotherapeutic work, and can help in hospitals and rehabilitation centers to initiate therapeutic processes. The DVD is also suitable for use as a teaching material in schools and in adult education.


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