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How to Stop Chronic Pain in Children: A Practical Guide

Translated from the German by Beverley Stewart
eBook (ePub) 2014
€ 15.99

Paula is 12 years old. She has been suffering from chronic abdominal pains for four years. None of the treatments she underwent has helped her. Paula has turned from a fun-loving child into a quiet, suffering girl, and Paula’s parents are suffering vicariously with her.

Michael Dobe and Boris Zernikow have written this book for children like her and their parents. Based on their experience with out-patient as well as in-patient pain treatment in children, they show in a comprehensive manner how children and adolescents can actively face chronic pains.

Many of the tips they offer are easy to implement; they sometimes require a bit of courage and patience, but no elaborate tools.

This book helps families find their way back to a regular daily routine despite the pain, back to a daily life in which there is room for laughter and a positive outlook on the future.

„This extraordinarily interesting and informative book will provide lasting help for many suffering children and adolescents, and thus for their parents as well.“
Dr. Marianne Koch, Honorary president of Deutsche Schmerzliga e. V. (German Pain League)

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Michael Dobe

Michael Dobe works as Head Psychologist in the German Paediatric Pain Centre at the Children’s and Adolescent’s Hospital, Datteln, and in private practice. Michael Dobe is a trained family, child and adolescent psychotherapist and trauma therapist for children. In 2006, he received the Stefan Engel Science Prize of the German Society for Social Pediatrics and Youth Medicine for his research in pediatric pain therapy. In 2010, he was honored by the German Society for Psychological Pain Therapy and Pain Research for the development of a new methodology in treating combined pain and trauma disorder in children. He is Editor and co-author of ?Practical treatment options for chronic pain in children and adolescents. An interdisciplinary therapy manual” (Springer 2013) and has written and contributed to many books in German language for children with chronic pain and their parents. He is head of the special interest group for pediatric pain therapy of the German Society for psychological pain therapy and research (DGPSF).


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Boris Zernikow

Boris Zernikow, MD, is Head of the German Pediatric Pain Center at the Children›s and Adolescent’s Hospital, Datteln and Chairman of the ward of Children›s Pain Therapy, Pediatric Palliative Care and Psychosomatic Care at the University Witten/Herdecke; Faculty of Health, School of Medicine. He is a certified medical specialist in pediatrics and conducts further professional training in palliative care, pediatric pain therapy and pediatric hematology and oncology. Prof. Zernikow is head of the scientific program and organizer of the largest Europe-wide scientific symposium on pediatric pain and palliative care (more than 900 participants per meeting). He has published more than 100 original, peer-reviewed journal articles and 40 book contributions. Dr. Zernikow is editor and co-author of »Pain Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults«, Springer 2009 (4th ed.) as well as editor and co-author of »Palliative Care for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults«, Springer, 2012 (2nd ed.). He serves regularly as peer-reviewer for scientific journals such as Pain, Pediatrics, Pediatric Anesthesia, Journal of Pain and Clinical Journal of Pain.


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